The three options…choose wisely

Today was tiring. We started off today busy at DQ. Zadra didn’t make any deposits yesterday, and left all the paperwork for me to do this morning. Then I had to do today’s paperwork. Then count all the food in the store. All this took 2.5 hours. Once settled, I started re-stocking the stuff they didn’t do last night. And also realized that I didn’t do such a great job ordering. We are running out of a couple things. But everything should be better this time I order. (more…)

So much for a day off…

Well…so much for a day off. At 8:30, I had to take my car to get the oil changed. That’s ok. It’s the walking back in less-than-40-degree wind that bothered me. I couldn’t feel my nose when I tried to scratch it (assuming it was itching). But the car also needed to be inspected. It expired in SEPTEMBER!!!! It’s JANUARY!!! No problem…it wasn’t my car then so it wasn’t my fault. (more…)

Relief and teh womenz…

Ahh…relief is finally here…somewhat. I get two ays off – in a row! Whoo Hoo! But I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn (8:00) to take my car to get the oil changed. *sigh* Dah well…at least I get to go shopping after that! Yea! (That’s right…I like to go shopping…but usually when it’s for me, or if I am spending someone else’s money on someone else.) (more…)

A slip of the tongue…

Welp…boring day at work. Except for one slip of the tongue on Tom’s part. Now I have taken it as him joking with me to see what happens, but he said “ole girl wants to hook up with you.” However, he won’t tell me who, so I am not going to worry about it. Any girl should know (or at least that has been one of my objectives when I talk to them about relationships) that if they want a guy, they usually just have to ask. A guy can’t read their mind, and a girl shouldn’t assume that he is picking up on her flirtatious hints. I, for one, have given up on thinking that ever “nice” girl is flirting with me. Therefore, to me, a girl being friendly, even if she is thinking that she is being over-friendly, is just being friendly to me. She must approach me and tell me flat out. (more…)

What you need…to know.

I decided on a name for my website. “The Spot” like “the hang out” or “the place to be”…it’s “the spot.” I have a cool logo that has all the letters to “spot” in it, while maintaining a contemporary and abstract design. Now I am working on a slogan. All I have so far is a re-make of Kia’s: “Make every click count.” But I am also thinking about “What you need…to know.” (The grammar and punctuation will have to be worked on though.) But it is coming along quite nicely. It never takes long to make a site once there is a purpose and a design to achieve.


“Started work on my new website…”

Well, I was supposed to be trained to do the food cost once again today. Nope. I counted the store – it took 30 minutes, when it takes everyone else an hour or more. Then I wait all day for my boss to come by and show me what to do with the numbers. He gets tied up in Mexia and never makes it while I am there. He seems to be unrealiable when it comes to scheduling. He said he would be spending most of his time last week at Hubbard, but he didn’t. If he would just tell me what I need to do, and pay me more, he would not have to worry about this store. Perhaps I should tell him that.


Cardboard Pizza and a hand of Uno

Ok, Church…a little more interesting, but not by much. We got “Pentacostal” today with the laying on of hands to pray for my former English teacher’s husband who has a tumor on his kidney. If the cancer has spread to other parts of his body, he is not a candidate for kidney-transplant. This guy has been through a lot: 2 strokes, open-heart surgery, heart attack, and having to learn to speak all over again. But God has brought him and his wife through it all.

We had cardboard pizza for lunch today… (more…)

Stepdad’s Interference

I was glad to get home today. I was worn out. We watched Enemy of the State tonight on ABC, which brought back memories of watching it on CD in my room at ETBU.

However, when my stepdad goes into my room to check the gas heater, he notices my calendar, and the events listed for the 15th. (more…)