Discovering more of the town

[77 in : 95 out]

A number of things happened today. First I helped my brother with his program on his computer that he had been working on.

Then I went walking around town. I saw a part of it I hadn’t found before. Behind the Donut Shop there are several nice houses and a couple of them are for sale. So I passed out my lawn mowing fliers. I wanted to see D’Amber, but didn’t get to. Not until I got to work, did she show up. I think she’s pretty cute 🙂 We’ve been pretty good friends since she got to high school. But I took a nap after lunch, and didn’t go to that part of town. I’ll probably go there next time. (more…)

More enterprising thoughts than I need…

[76 in : 96 out]

Today was a little stressful. Some things weren’t done properly yesterday at DQ concerning the office work, and I think it is so to spite me. It doesn’t matter though. I had a lot to do today, and it took ample time to get it done.

The weather has been nice lately, and tomorrow I get to walk around the town and put up more fliers. I’m a little more excited this time, since it is my business, and I am investing money into it. Therefore, I have to make it prosperous to gain a return on my investments.

My lawn mower still isn’t fixed, but I don’t think it should be long now. I want to do other things to make money though. Rhinoceros Success has caused me to want (more…)

But wait! There’s more!

[75 in : 97 out]

Wednesday…my eyes didn’t want to open at all this morning. But they did, and I got ready to hit the streets and take care of business. I had planned to be out all day. However, I finished all my things to do in less than an hour (plus it was really cold). So I came home and did some things.

I finally wrote Lindsey, and will mail it tomorrow. All I have left is to write Jay, Sarah, Jamie, and Laura. I also want ot write Lil’ Ben, and of course Benji when he talks to Beth.

I have thought of calling someone at school and having them get online for me to get the info I need. I just haven’t done it yet.

I watched Oprah today and she did a show on genius kids. (more…)

wtf is a Praline?

[74 in : 98 out]

Hmm…today the neighborhood dogs decided to dump over the neighborhood trash cans, so I had to watch to make sure they didn’t knock over ours.

Then I went to work. Lately I’ve been unable to concentrate. I think I think better when there is a bunch to do at work. We’ve been slow the last couple days, and I’ve had problems remembering everything to get done. It’ll be ok though.

I worked with Andrea, the new girl, today. She’s doing really well. She’s a small girl, fits the description of a “nerd” but isn’t. She looks too young (and really is) to be engaged. Oh well, that’s her deal.

We started our new salad promo tonight. (more…)

Nepotism Encouraged

[73 in : 99 out]

Today started out great, then turned ok, then it just sucked. But I am in high spirits.

I read the second motivation book. It wasn’t as good as the first. But it did give me ideas and insight on job performance.

I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. That was when my day started going down hill. The rain didn’t stop until after lunch. So that put a big dent in all my plans. I’ll have to postpone them until Wednesday.

I am almost done rewriting Autumn IQX source code, and then I can make modifications to create IQX2. I also came up with a new background for it. It looks better on paper than on a grid, but its neat none-the-less.

I didn’t do too much else today. Work was slow. I did find out how to fix my lawn mower for about $3-4. So I’m gonna try that on Wednesday. If it doesn’t work, then I can buy one from a friend for $75. Four $20 jobs would pay it off easily.

I came home to a lecture though, and threats of being kicked out sooner. (more…)

Volume 3 :: Rhinoceros Success

[72 in : 100 left]

Well, now I start a new journal section. It happens about every month (on average). So I can only talk about personal things and things that deal with me alone. It’ll be tough, but I’ll do my best.

I was extremely bored today. I started writing Autumn IQX2, but first will have to copy Autumn IQX onto paper in a readable format. That will take 8 papers – 16 pages, which is about 530 lines of calculator code. It’s one of the longest programs I have written. And that is just the shell of Autumn IQX. It doesn’t include (more…)

A no-show, early-show, and a good show

[71 in : ? out]

And so, this closes another section in my journal writing. Next section I will start with things I can publish: my thoughts, nothing related to any people in my life, unless I get their permission.

Justin didn’t show up to work today. Tom won’t elaborate on the reason, and Justin didn’t call or give notice. According to the rules, Justin will get wrote up. If he misses 3 days he can be terminated by law for unavailability. But it is deemed as a voluntary termination if they are a no-show anyway. We’ll see what my boss does.

Well, with Justin not being there, Jackie came in early by accident which worked out perfectly. We were busy busy today. Just Jackie and I got everything done, though I stayed until 5:30 (I got there at 7).


If you complain about management, you will get what you ask for.

[70 in : ? out]

Ugh…no work until 4:00. That means I have to be at home until I go to work.

Well…I wake up this morning with an agenda, including continuing my college education myself, by teaching myself Visual C++ without a computer. I also write Beth’s letter and it is now ready to send.

I did not plan on spending 4 hours working on my neighbor’s lawn.

My parents have a 5-gallon gasoline thing in their garage. To me it smells like gasoline, and I used it last time, so I’ll use it this time. However, my mower won’t start. Then, and only then do they tell me there is Diesel in the garage. I would think that they would inform me to leave the big canister alone and use the small one. Nope. So I have to weed-eat her front lawn, and then rank it, then sweep. A job that normally only takes 1 hour or less, took 4 hours. I ended up with 4 bags of mulch for compost. Hopefully my parents will use it for their garden. If not, I may start a garden.


Out wit, out last, out play

[69 in : ? out]

Well…no work today. I did however walk around town. I had to pass out my lawn mowing flyers to the 3rd and 4th quadrants of town. I also inquired at Texaco and Dollar General for part-time jobs. Neither were hiring.

Today was pretty much boring after that. I wanted to write the girls I hadn’t written, but there was no motivation. Instead I took a nap…a much needed nap.

We had catfish and watched Survivor. It’s kinda pathetic to see the guys lose because they are focused on the girls who hardly said more than 5 words to them. I suppose they don’t know that the girls (most of them) will flirt with a guy to gain advantage – just as in Gone with the Wind. I explained to my mom that some girls don’t know they are flirting though…and that most guys will take friendly gestures as a love interest. I had to learn that one myself.


The impact of friendship and consequences of decisions

[68 in : ? out]

Well, it was pretty slow today at work again. Steve has decided to hire Andrea and work her every other Sunday. That means that I am going to have to call Candice and let her know that the position is filled…when Steve tells me it is. I should have had her check back on Saturday, instead of saying I would call her.

I was going through my dresser drawer and found a letter Beth wrote me before she left at the end of our freshman year. (more…)