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Wednesday…my eyes didn’t want to open at all this morning. But they did, and I got ready to hit the streets and take care of business. I had planned to be out all day. However, I finished all my things to do in less than an hour (plus it was really cold). So I came home and did some things.

I finally wrote Lindsey, and will mail it tomorrow. All I have left is to write Jay, Sarah, Jamie, and Laura. I also want ot write Lil’ Ben, and of course Benji when he talks to Beth.

I have thought of calling someone at school and having them get online for me to get the info I need. I just haven’t done it yet.

I watched Oprah today and she did a show on genius kids. It was pretty good. I also got some business ideas from them, like a stationary company, or chocolate candy company. They were merely things I could have done (and can do if there is a market for it). The problem is I don’t know what there is a market for in this town. I’m sure there is a number of markets available in Arlington, as well as lawn mowing around my dad’s hours.

I already have a logo for whatever I do. It’s the logo I used for my Autumn Softworks presentation in high school; a little clay man I made the last 5 minutes of Art Class one day, and the only clay model that wasn’t ruined during firing, by the teacher.

Well, I guess that’s about all for tonight. Laterz.

  • Song in my head: Man of Means – Randy Travis
  • Craving: Meatloaf
  • Mood: Sleepy / Enterprising
  • Thought: “If only I could think of something that everyone wants, or a way to make everyone want something I have.”
  • Quote: “Trailers for sale or rent…” – Randy Travis
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