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Hmm…today the neighborhood dogs decided to dump over the neighborhood trash cans, so I had to watch to make sure they didn’t knock over ours.

Then I went to work. Lately I’ve been unable to concentrate. I think I think better when there is a bunch to do at work. We’ve been slow the last couple days, and I’ve had problems remembering everything to get done. It’ll be ok though.

I worked with Andrea, the new girl, today. She’s doing really well. She’s a small girl, fits the description of a “nerd” but isn’t. She looks too young (and really is) to be engaged. Oh well, that’s her deal.

We started our new salad promo tonight. I was not at work to see how it went for them. I tasted the praline syrup and it isn’t all that great…neither is the oriental dressing for the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad.

I’m pretty sleepy right now. I have tomorrow off, and a list of things to get done. Perhaps my parents will see that I am motivated to take care of my business. Well, that’s all for tonight. Laterz.

  • Song in my head: Theme from Fraiser
  • Craving: Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Mood: Sleepy / Distracted
  • Thought: “Stay out all day tomorrow, and see what I can see…”
  • Quote: “The vacuum created by a failure to communicate will quickly be filled with rumor, misrepresentation, drivel, and poison.” – Perpetual Calendar, July 29
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