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Today was a little stressful. Some things weren’t done properly yesterday at DQ concerning the office work, and I think it is so to spite me. It doesn’t matter though. I had a lot to do today, and it took ample time to get it done.

The weather has been nice lately, and tomorrow I get to walk around the town and put up more fliers. I’m a little more excited this time, since it is my business, and I am investing money into it. Therefore, I have to make it prosperous to gain a return on my investments.

My lawn mower still isn’t fixed, but I don’t think it should be long now. I want to do other things to make money though. Rhinoceros Success has caused me to want to enjoy the journey to financial success. And I like to be creative, but have a hard time thinking up new ideas some times. I do have the occasional original idea, but usually the most common ones are improvements on already existing things.

Perhaps I could read up on Fen Shui, and con a number of City Folks out of money. I don’t have to believe it, just sell it. And I don’t have believe in it. I do think it is a creative way to decorate a room. For example, one thing is to put your desk facing a door or a window. I don’t know what it does, but I remember it. I think it’s a neat way to sit, but that’s all.

I could also do painting. I’ve watched a couple painting shows on PBS and learned how to paint. I have also been able to draw since 4th grade. The problem would be getting people to spend big bucks on them. I’ll think of something though.

(Usually when I say that in a conversation, like now, I have just thought of a good idea.)

That’s all for tonight. Laterz.

  • Song in my head: Aaron Copeland’s “Ho-down”
  • Craving: Eggs
  • Mood: Curious / Enterprising
  • Thought: “Bush’s Press Conference came on tonight…kinda interesting.”
  • Quote: “When it comes to America’s Security, we don’t need the permission of anyone.” – President George W. Bush, 3/6/03
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