A no-show, early-show, and a good show

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And so, this closes another section in my journal writing. Next section I will start with things I can publish: my thoughts, nothing related to any people in my life, unless I get their permission.

Justin didn’t show up to work today. Tom won’t elaborate on the reason, and Justin didn’t call or give notice. According to the rules, Justin will get wrote up. If he misses 3 days he can be terminated by law for unavailability. But it is deemed as a voluntary termination if they are a no-show anyway. We’ll see what my boss does.

Well, with Justin not being there, Jackie came in early by accident which worked out perfectly. We were busy busy today. Just Jackie and I got everything done, though I stayed until 5:30 (I got there at 7).


If you complain about management, you will get what you ask for.

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Ugh…no work until 4:00. That means I have to be at home until I go to work.

Well…I wake up this morning with an agenda, including continuing my college education myself, by teaching myself Visual C++ without a computer. I also write Beth’s letter and it is now ready to send.

I did not plan on spending 4 hours working on my neighbor’s lawn.

My parents have a 5-gallon gasoline thing in their garage. To me it smells like gasoline, and I used it last time, so I’ll use it this time. However, my mower won’t start. Then, and only then do they tell me there is Diesel in the garage. I would think that they would inform me to leave the big canister alone and use the small one. Nope. So I have to weed-eat her front lawn, and then rank it, then sweep. A job that normally only takes 1 hour or less, took 4 hours. I ended up with 4 bags of mulch for compost. Hopefully my parents will use it for their garden. If not, I may start a garden.


Out wit, out last, out play

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Well…no work today. I did however walk around town. I had to pass out my lawn mowing flyers to the 3rd and 4th quadrants of town. I also inquired at Texaco and Dollar General for part-time jobs. Neither were hiring.

Today was pretty much boring after that. I wanted to write the girls I hadn’t written, but there was no motivation. Instead I took a nap…a much needed nap.

We had catfish and watched Survivor. It’s kinda pathetic to see the guys lose because they are focused on the girls who hardly said more than 5 words to them. I suppose they don’t know that the girls (most of them) will flirt with a guy to gain advantage – just as in Gone with the Wind. I explained to my mom that some girls don’t know they are flirting though…and that most guys will take friendly gestures as a love interest. I had to learn that one myself.


The impact of friendship and consequences of decisions

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Well, it was pretty slow today at work again. Steve has decided to hire Andrea and work her every other Sunday. That means that I am going to have to call Candice and let her know that the position is filled…when Steve tells me it is. I should have had her check back on Saturday, instead of saying I would call her.

I was going through my dresser drawer and found a letter Beth wrote me before she left at the end of our freshman year. (more…)

And the gavel drops…

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This breaking news tops the weather this morning. I am even having a problem steadying my hand to write this legibly. It always happens this way to me when I find out my life is going to change drastically.

My parents have expressed that I have no more chances. I am going to be moving to my dad’s PDQ. This change is both good and bad in different ways. It is “good” in that I will be able to do what I want to do; and it is “bad” in that I won’t have the structured and rigid rules that I have grown up with, but lost while at college.


Needing someone to talk to…

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“Ice, Ice, Baby…too cold, too cold.” That’s right. It’s sleeting/snowing/icing outside. It’s been pretty cold all day today, so I had to reschedule my first lawn mowing job.

Work was steady today. For the majority of the day it was Justin and I, and Amanda worked in the middle of it. Since it iced tonight, maybe we will be really slow tomorrow. Perhaps I can just run the day shift by myself. Although Justin will come in to cook. I guess Amanda can take the day off…or Justin. I don’t know. (more…)

Fines for driving, and reading my mail…

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Well, in Church today, I realized how I could have written the code on my websites using popup technology to load another page in a frame. If I had only thought of that before!

It’s no matter now, I’m working on a new design for my website, but I can’t quite picture it.

I did write Sarah H.’s letter today, as well as watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It reminded me of some of the things I could have done, but couldn’t really have done, in high school. I know it’s just a movie, but some things can be done in real life.

I didn’t do much today. My stepdad proposed and set into place (more…)

The Employee Meeting

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We had our meeting today at DQ, and I Finally got some things cleared up that I have been wanting to make known to people. However, I Still don’t know how to sound nice about telling people how ot do their jobs better. I tried though. Steve read the points off my list, and I filled in the specifics. We’ll see what happens in the next week or two.

I also left a note for Zadra about counting the registers properly. She left me with (more…)

A letter from Sarah…

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I got a letter from Sarah H. this morning, so I was pretty excited. I didn’t read it though, until I got home so I would have something forward to. However, I forgot about it until I got home. It was pretty vague and general, but none-the-less it was a letter, and I enjoyed it all the same. I’ll write her back tomorrow. I did notice one thing in particular…both her and Robin wrote me on Valentine’s Day, but Sarah didn’t mail hers until the 19th. Does it say something about Robin or Sarah? They thought of me on Valentine’s Day? I wouldn’t mind if Robin thought something along those lines, because she was the girl I (more…)

The History of etbustudents.cc…

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Today marks two months exactly for being at home. It’s a moot point.

It’s been raining all day. That didn’t do much for business. Just as well though; we finally got our new soda machines in…a month later. They’re pretty nice, but it will disrupt the routine of how we fill orders. We had no sodas until about 1:00 and we are running out of a number of foods. It had to do with our specials. They all came with French Fries. However, our truck comes in tomorrow morning, and this one is the most expensive shipment I have placed.

Well, Survivor came on tonight. I wished it could have been another 30 minute one. I had mixed emotions about the whole thing though. For some reason I was distracted about everything. Dah well.