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Project: Tormachi

Project: Tormachi … what is it? It’s file sharing routed through a proxy. Now, some of you might say “isn’t that what hamachi is?” And some of you might be right. But we’re not using hamachi…we’re using hamachi and Tor….to do something that has not been done before, to our knowledge, for our purposes. What […]

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Project Codename: tsn.lcl

So there has been a contest on about what exactly tsn.lcl means. To date, no one has figured out what we plan to do with the project or a general idea of the purpose. I guess it’s either too hard, or the only people that would most likely figure it out are the same […]

Thought Experiments

Windows Vienna

So earlier today Microsoft announced their next operating system named Windows Vienna. Read the article here on Now, I don’t know about you, but to me it seems foolish to announce plans for an operating system that is a successor to an operating system that’s not even released yet. Firstly, they’re having delays and […]

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[[Oracle]] and [m3rlin]

So my friend [wizard] and I (as I go by [[Neo]] in IRC chat rooms) are working on our own personalized bots for IRC Chat rooms. These bots are simple IRC scripts for now, with remote functions and commands, but we’re working our way up to A.I. Bots for this summer. The plan for [[Oracle]] […]


Here it is…here we go…

Welcome to my new blog/journal. I’m more fond of calling these things journals than blogs, simply because I have been keeping online journals since WAY before the “blog” craze started. I started doing journals in early 2001 with my first community website that went by Unfortunately the administration of ETBU did not appreciate competition […]