Every so often the perfect combination of free time, motivation, and a great idea materialize and I can produce a usable, web-based tool for the general public. This page is a listing of such tools.

Storm Spotter Status

2024 Update: This tool is no longer functional after twitter’s API changes and several other issues that I just have not bothered to keep updated. I have instead moved the weather alerts over to [[Oracle]] on the tsnDiscord server, though it does not do Storm Spotter notifications at this time.

– [[Neo]]

An alert system that checks the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) reports throughout the day to notify interested users via Twitter Direct Messages of Storm Spotter status updates.

When the NWS requests spotter activation, it’s up to the spotter to seek out calls to action. With this tool, the goal is to provide potential spotters with the “activation forecast” for the duration of the HWO. When the next HWO is released a new Direct Message will be sent to the user updating them with the new “activation forecast”.

Disclaimer: This tool should not be relied on for actual activation requests – it is simply a Spotter Activation Statement aggregation and alert tool. The full report should be accessed with the provided link in the alert for full details on the activation statement.

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