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Solved – PHP, dyld: Library not loaded

I mistakenly ran brew upgrade on my macOS Catalina without thinking about how it would impact my production development environment during work, and quickly realized I messed up big time. To fix it, install openssl & icu4c, edit the php 5.6 source (see post for details), and reinstall php 5.6 from source to overwrite. 131 […]

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phpBB extension Template Partials

I’ve been working on replacing the front-end for and thus, the front-end of phpBB forums, using only the phpBB extension framework, trying to avoid having to put custom code into the core files, as was required pre-3.2 for some of my features. It turns out that the existing topics on the phpBB forums are […]

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New Decade, New Projects

A new decade rolls around, and with it some ideas for new technology projects to get started on.

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Connecting to Gmail via PHP

How I ended up fixing phpBB’s connection to, and getting’s email back online.

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Google Project fi vs AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

A cost-benefit analysis between a 2-line unlimited data plan on AT&T versus Google’s new Project Fi. The winner is a disappointment…