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Project: Tormachi

Project: Tormachi … what is it? It’s file sharing routed through a proxy. Now, some of you might say “isn’t that what hamachi is?” And some of you might be right. But we’re not using hamachi…we’re using hamachi and Tor….to do something that has not been done before, to our knowledge, for our purposes.

What we are working on is an idea of punching a hold in a firewall that blocks port access of url connections to remote ports. Hamachi connects to a url ###.###.###.###:12975 . The current setup that we’re trying to break will allow connections to the ###’s but not to the 12975 part. However, we have successfully connected to other ports on the internet via Torpark (a Firefox bastardization, using Tor as the internal proxy for secure, anonymous internet browsing).

By taking this idea one-step further, one should be able to send handshake requests through the proxy. However, hamachi does not have the option of configuring a proxy connection for the handshake request, since in reality, it’s a secure connection itself.

What we’re trying to do is not route internet traffic through the proxy, but route the entire network interface itself to run through a proxy, to disable the rejection of remote-port access. This way, any traffic that runs on this connection will run through the proxy, and it will be fully integrated with the network connection, not just a browser.

It’s new technology – as far as we know – and we’re half way there. We’ll post more details and setup instructions when we get it working.

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Thanks for the link on your blog. It will be very interesting to get this project working. And it’ll solve some problems that I have connecting to my home computer from work (when it was originally billed by Steve Gibson that hamachi would connect regardless of firewalls).

Hopefully some people will see your link and come by and share some ideas. Knowledge is useless unless it’s shared. 🙂

I believe we have paused working on this project for now. The network we were trying to breach got its internet through Novell. This leads us to believe that we are connected to an internal network with a 10.x.x.x IP on a Novell connection, to a bigger computer that served internet via Internet Connection Sharing protocol…which has an outside IP of 12.x.x.x. But there is also a MS Network IP of 162 or 192…I can’t remember how I saw it, and I only saw it once.

So basically the crap that is Novell is preventing this experiment from succeeding. We should have been able to SSH from this computer through putty to [wizard]’s computer and send all activity from hamachi on port 12975 to port 81 over putty, to his computer to leave his port 12975, and return the information back to my hamachi. But since we route through a Novell network, it just doesn’t work, because Novell doesn’t function like that.

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