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I’m testing a program called Flock, that has been around for some time now (however, relatively short period of time it’s been in the scheme of things). Flock is apparently a heavily modified FireFox browser that enables the user to blog/flick/delich while they are on the internet. It connects seamlessly to your wordpress, blogger, or other type of blogs (though still in beta, not all blogs are supported – how could they be?) and gives you a tool for maintaining your journals.

It also connects to your flickr account, and you can include your flickr photos (or those of your friends, if you know their flickr account) in your blog posts. This is a handy tool for people that like to take pics of their trips and events and such.

As for favorites, it connects straight to your account and uses the online bookmark tool that is that website and keeps it organized and (apparently, thought it’s not) local. So now your favorites are only just a menu away, but are stored on the internet, so that they’re ALWAYS a menu away…provided you have Flock.

It’s a tool that’s worth a try if you’re into the amature syndication type thing of web 2.0.

Personally (so that I’m not just writing a review) I plan to take a look at what makes this browser work with the other sites, and modify my website ( to make use of this type of syndication and access. There is a photo album on the-spot and we have online journals, that will be moving to their own website soon. But we’re lacking in favorites lists, that stretch beyond the site’s forums. However, to create a browser that integrates with a forum and its features would be a niche tool, and something that might be worth looking into for other websites to do the same.

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