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Project Codename: tsn.lcl

So there has been a contest on about what exactly tsn.lcl means. To date, no one has figured out what we plan to do with the project or a general idea of the purpose. I guess it’s either too hard, or the only people that would most likely figure it out are the same people that are involved in creating it.

The tsn.lcl is pronounced tsnLocal. The naming comes from the fact that tsn ( is worldwide, but we’re working on a project that will be released under the tsnXport services to bring tsn down to a local level.

Project: tsn.lcl is a network that only users who match certain criteria will be allowed to access. There is strict security restrictions on who can access it, and unfortunate consequences for people that violate the security.

The purpose of the network is a p2p file sharing system for the people of It will cut out the bittorrenting that goes on for people to get their anime and such, and everyone can share it over a VPN instead. This will give people a faster and more reliable download.

It will also give people the ability to help others out using the same tools and fast connections that one would over their own home network, like Virtual Desktop and such, or iTunes Network streaming of music and videos, or even UT WAN games, instead of everyone having to wait 6 months before the next LAN Party.

I’m working on a web-based interface for it, that will be located at, to enable searching of the directories and paths to view what’s availiable. But to download it, you’ll have to be on the tsnLocal network.

This project is only a start to the several services that we’re planning and working on for to be released over the next year or so.

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5 replies on “Project Codename: tsn.lcl”

Dude…that sounds really cool. I don’t quite understand how exactly that will work….but if it does…sweet deal. Good luck with that.

I left out one detail as to how it would work so that people who like to copy my ideas explicitly, won’t come go around me, and get it out before I do.

I like this project. For some odd reason, it somehow reminds me of the file-sharing program called, “Grouper”, but without the required e-mails crap.

“Project: tsn.lcl is a network that only users who match certain criteria will be allowed to access.”

Does this mean just certain users on the-spot who, for instance, have signed up for the project? Or those who have like for example, a certain rank or postion on tsn? Anyways, like I said before, the project seems to be a great one. Even I couldn’t think of something like that. But, you have to give me credit for at least trying to figure out what it was back on tsn…

Yes, I give everyone credit for trying…but no one came close really. Also, yes, I do mean there will be a certain rank/position that users will have to obtain before they are let on the network, for the simple fact that it will be dealing with people’s personal computers. There will also be some hardware requirements…I don’t know how well the setup will work for people with dial-up, because neither I nor [wizard] use dial-up to test it. I will, however, be testing it at some relatives’ houses first too.

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