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Windows Vienna

So earlier today Microsoft announced their next operating system named Windows Vienna. Read the article here on

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me it seems foolish to announce plans for an operating system that is a successor to an operating system that’s not even released yet. Firstly, they’re having delays and problems with Vista getting it out on time, and have delayed it for nearly a year after it’s original release date. And second, you’re going to have people that won’t upgrade their system because they want to get the latest, and if Vista is just going to be replaced in a year or so after its release, why not just keep using XP until Vienna comes out? I mean XP works just fine…far better than any other operating system MSFT has released in the past (except for the stability of Windows 3.1.1 but we won’t go into that.)

However, though the name has been announced, there are no details out about what this OS will be for or like. So it gives people a chance to make predictions like myself.

Now, I have been saying this for at least a year now, that software will be streamed over the internet to your computer, and we’re starting to see the beginnings of this in websites and programs like for word processing, and other applications. Microsoft has even set up a Live website for their streamed services these days, which include Office Live and Messenger Live. So what’s missing? And why would Microsoft steal the thunder from their yet-released operating system?

Perhaps because it’s going to be Windows Live – a streamed, subscription based operating system. Piracy is rampant throughout the software world, with some of the more prominent programs like operating systems and productivity packages.

So why not give Windows away for free? Windows Vienna will be an advertisement based operating system, by which one can remove the advertisements via a paid subscription to license the software. No more piracy…no more lost sales. The only thing they’ll have to face is the people hacking the system to remove the ads.

Welcome to the new world of software. That’s my prediction.

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