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Welcome to my new blog/journal. I’m more fond of calling these things journals than blogs, simply because I have been keeping online journals since WAY before the “blog” craze started. I started doing journals in early 2001 with my first community website that went by Unfortunately the administration of ETBU did not appreciate competition against the university website that offered more entertainment along with the usual information, to students. Kinda like a communist setup, where they control the media that the students see. It was an ongoing issue with the students vs the admin.

Anyway, I started doing journals on there, in the form of opinion columns, and didn’t do them as often as I do these days. It was those opinion columns that got noticed as my friends and I published them. The administration soon caught wind of the site, and scoured it for any reason to shut it down. They found one — one non-negative comment about the president of the university. They showed it to him, he said block it, and thus ended the reign of

Now we have a better site, not focused on the university or any organization in particular. It’s simply a site for college/high-school aged people to come and chill on the internet, in a friendly internet atmosphere — that site is It’s going on its 3rd year in publication and doing quite well for a site that never used any formal method of advertisement…only word-of-mouth.

When it started, it spread like wildfire throughout Nacodgoches High School, and from there, went through the grapevine to other states, and other countries.

So there is some background on the parent site,, and now the purpose of this blog…

I moved out recently and deemed the apartment I moved into worthy of a name, since I am the first of my friends to officially move out and stay moved out. So I thought of a catchy name, and came up with a spin-off of one. Like House is called hizzy in the slang…I call my apartment Pizzy, like Apizzy without the A. And it was recommended that I create a personal site, and it represents the personal side of, just as thepizzy represents my personal side of my real-life friends that are on

Therefore, this blog will have posts about all kinds of things from here on out…some about relationships, some about technology, some about my ideas. One thing to note, if you copy my ideas (and I know you will) and take them to make money…all I ask, is that you give me credit for the incubation of your idea. I’ll take monetary donations as well 😉 .

Welcome to!

By [[Neo]]

I am a web programmer, system integrator, and photographer. I have been writing code since high school, when I had only a TI-83 calculator. I enjoy getting different systems to talk to each other, coming up with ways to mimic human processes using technology, and explaining how complicated things work.

Of my many blogs, this one is purely about the technology projects, ideas, and solutions that I have come across in my internet travels. It's also the place for technical updates related to my other sites that are part of The-Spot.Network.

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Hey Neo. Nice blog. Yeah, I created my own too. I got some news coverage on mine as well. Check it out, if you want of course.

Anyways, I like how you explained about making your own blog site. I didn’t make an exact replica of your site, and I’m not trying to make any competition or anything. And yes, I gave you credit for helping me find my own blog. So don’t worry. I didn’t steal your idea, I just made one of my own that’s all. Well, hope you get a lot of people for your blog…

See yas.

Thanks. But mine is not so much news coverage, as it is my thoughts on what’s going on in the world, and my integration of those projects into something that I can build for or my own services.

And that’s fine that your tsn journal didn’t quite cut it for you, because it’s just a forum, but when we get up, be sure you put your wordpress journal in there, and come back to

I’ll be sure to do that when the time comes for the release of

Also, what my blog is about is news coverage that I display in one paragraph, with a link to the rest of that particular article, and another paragraph, which is mine, that shows what I think and feel about that particular news report.

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