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How to disassemble Samsung Galaxy S4 Desktop Dock (EDD-D200BE)

Around mid-November I got the Nexus 6 from Google. My previous phone was the Samsun Galaxy S4, and when I purchased the S4, they threw in the Desktop Dock for free. Since it served me so well, I decided I’d try and use it for the Nexus, since I had nothing else on-hand. Unfortunately, the […]

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Raspberry Pi Case Mod for Raspberry Pi Laptop

Step by step guide for how I modded my Raspberry Pi Case to work with my Raspberry Pi Laptop

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Personal Tech Road Map

I’ve gotten my hands on a lot of tech projects in the past few months, but I have yet to do anything significant with any of them. After a few months of bouncing around ideas, learning a couple new things, and venturing into subjects I have before found difficult to learn, I started asking myself “What […]

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WordPress Plugin: Bad Behavior

Since I started using a WordPress blog back in 2005, I’ve always had the Akismet WordPress plugin installed, and it was the sole provider of my spam protection. It has done an awesome job with an at-this-moment 99.843% accuracy rating, and has blocked 21,215 spam comments of which 6,686 of them were just in the last 6 months. About a week […]

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How to upgrade your computer’s memory

If you don’t know what kind of motherboard your computer has in it, then finding the right type of RAM memory sticks you need can be tricky. In order to upgrade your RAM, you’ll need to find out 3 pieces of information in all: what type of memory do you need; how much do you […]