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A face-lift and an update

After nearly a year of silence, it is time for an update. Several major tech-related events have gone on in my life, and I’ll recap them all here.

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WordPress Plugin: Bad Behavior

Since I started using a WordPress blog back in 2005, I’ve always had the Akismet WordPress plugin installed, and it was the sole provider of my spam protection. It has done an awesome job with an at-this-moment 99.843% accuracy rating, and has blocked 21,215 spam comments of which 6,686 of them were just in the last 6 months. About a week […]

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TweetSuite WordPress Plugin + (Preview)

A couple weeks ago, I found out that Twitter had a Search feature that showed real-time tweets for a keyword. I gave it a little thought, considered what it would take to actually write the software – and then wised up, and decided to see if someone already did the hard work. Sure enough, Dan […]