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How to upgrade your computer’s memory

If you don’t know what kind of motherboard your computer has in it, then finding the right type of RAM memory sticks you need can be tricky. In order to upgrade your RAM, you’ll need to find out 3 pieces of information in all: what type of memory do you need; how much do you […]

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5 easy ways to clean up your computer

I get asked a lot by coworkers and friends about how to clean up a computer (either because it’s running slow, has spyware, or because they just can’t do anything on it any more). Below are 5 of the major cleanup methods I use to get their computer up and running again. Depending on the […]

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Review: Dell Solar Charger for mobile devices

I’m sitting here at my desk, and a package is delivered to me, for my boss, from Dell. But my boss is gone this week, and since it’s from Dell, and I’m the IT Admin, I open it up. Turns out, there is a Dell Solar Charger for mobile devices in there. I spent a […]

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I have reinstalled Flock, after waiting for about a year. But I reinstalled it because over the past few months, I have acquired logins for the various content services, like and flickr. Now, flock apparently lets you integrate all those things into one browser, and I’m giving it a second look. I’ll write some […]