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If I can block spam email, why not spam commercials?

The viewer should be able to mark commercials as SPAM, False-Advertisement, or Irrelevant to see more poignant commercials.

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5 easy ways to clean up your computer

I get asked a lot by coworkers and friends about how to clean up a computer (either because it’s running slow, has spyware, or because they just can’t do anything on it any more). Below are 5 of the major cleanup methods I use to get their computer up and running again. Depending on the […]

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[UPDATEDx2] Free KFC Coupon […with a side of Spyware]

UPDATE #2: Apparently they switched it back to the spyware method. I thought they learned their lesson. I guess not. It looked like they replaced the download link that went to with a pdf file. However, I think someone defaced the site and put that link on there because they were sending people to […]