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[[Oracle]] Reborn, tsnlocal goes up beta

September 11, 2006 | | 2 Comments

This weekend, I hung out with [wizard] and we worked on our servers. He created his [m3rlin] server, and I created my [[Oracle]] server.

Originally, as you might recall from previous posts, [[Oracle]] is an IRC bot that we use … Read More

Microsoft and an OpenSource Operating System

January 30, 2006 | | One Comment

I had started thinking about this today just before I started seeing articles hitting around the subject

Neo: do you think that if msft released a open source vista that people would edit it to make it more stable? or just try to put hacks in it and release it as a error fix
wizard: both…i dont think the opensource community would trust msft to follow the GPL
Neo: hmm…well, I am refering to a genuine effort on msft’s part, for the speculation, to follow the gpl…it may not be the best os that they release as opensource
wizard: i still dont think the community would embrace it
Neo: rgr… I don’t think they would either…I think an effort like that would tank, except for the .NET fanbois
wizard: i think it would be too little too late, it’d take years for the OS to be developed into something worth using over ‘nix
Neo: yeah, unless they relased like Windows XP or something, and gave people the source to upgrade how they saw fit to fix instabilities and security flaws. I think it’d have to be something current, and useful for the people to thinker with
wizard: ..yes but also, i guarantee you that if XP went open source today, there’d be millions of hacks by this time tommorow because people just have not found them yet without getting a look at the code
Neo: I concur.

What if Microsoft actually released an open source project? What would that do for them? What would that do for Google and Linux? How would the open source community react to such a move? How would the view of the company change in the eyes of the consumer?
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Windows Vienna

January 20, 2006 |

So earlier today Microsoft announced their next operating system named Windows Vienna. Read the article here on

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me it seems foolish to announce plans for an operating system that is a … Read More