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[[Oracle]] Reborn, tsnlocal goes up beta

[[Oracle]] Reborn, tsnlocal goes up beta
  • On September 11, 2006

This weekend, I hung out with [wizard] and we worked on our servers. He created his [m3rlin] server, and I created my [[Oracle]] server.

Originally, as you might recall from previous posts, [[Oracle]] is an IRC bot that we use for auto responding and chanserv purposes. Our bots are still the same in function so far, but they each have their own computer.

[[Oracle]] is now the webserver for, and runs the tsn.lcl project. It’s hosting a hamachi client, and serveral tsnlocal network connections. It’s also using Google Desktop those network shares, so that I can make them web-searchable, and the files downloadable for those connected to the tsnlocal network. I’m still working on the technology to provide the search page to the outside world (though the files will only be accessible to those who are connected and authenticated to the hamachi network.

To do this, I have installed WAMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP for Windows) and put it on an XP Professional box. There is a main webpage up right now that shows the online status of [[Oracle]] and [[Oracle]].1 (a secondary server, of which there is also an [[Oracle]].2 which will be used later). The webpage also shows the online status of those involved with the tsnlocal project. The design of the webpage is still under construction though, at the moment.

[[Oracle]] is also hosting some other services for tsn…things that aren’t directly tied to the website, per se…like a TeamSpeak server, Blockland game server, and some other stuff that I haven’t gotten to set up yet.

It’s also been brought to my attention that there is a security exploit in Apache for windows, and [[Oracle]] will be the test-bed for solving that exploit. I have a solution in mind that would work, but might be a bit difficult to set up – though it would solve the problem until a patch is fixed. I’ll post more on that when I get some time to test it.


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