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Neo’s New Computer – Case Mods (Pt. 1)

Neo’s New Computer – Case Mods (Pt. 1)
  • On August 31, 2006

It’s time to get back into the swing of things…

I put my computer together for the first time in 4 weeks last night, and to my amazement it worked just fine. In all, from the purchase of the case, till today, I’ve done the following to my computer…

  • put in 2 more hdds (1-120GB IDE, 1-400GB SATA) to boost up my storage to 1.04TB
  • added a DVDRW/CDRW to replace the CDRW and DVDROM drives
  • installed 2 CCRT Green lights on the bottom floor and mobo-side of the case
  • installed 4 green LED case feet
  • …which I installed a green rocker switch in the firewire port placeholder on the front of the case to control
  • installed 2 CCRT UV lights on the bottom floor and back side of the case
  • installed an 80mm green LED fan on the back and cut a hole in the top of the case to put a 120mm green fan in the top
  • …which was so I could make a switch between the green side fan that came with the case and the UV lights to show the UV effect better
  • sleeved the cables in either Green UV Reactive sleeving or black plastic tubing with Green UV Reactive zip-ties
  • made a molex array to mount on the mobo-side of the case to plug various peripherials and fans into with 5 4-pin molex and 3 12V fan connections…(separate production article coming soon about that, with pics)
  • added some plastic Green UV Reactive PCI/RAM covers

There are still some more things that I’m considering doing to the case, as well as some hardware upgrades that will be coming eventually…

  • Upgrade to an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, motherboard, and compatible RAM
  • Upgrade to 2x 1GB sticks of ram, or 1x 2GB stick…so that I can eventually go to 4GB when I get Windows Vista
  • Upgrade to a 700W+ power supply to handle the hardware upgrades
  • Mod the case window to remove the X in the window and the fan grill
  • Mod the case window to have EL Wire around the edges to send a Green Light through it
  • Mod the front of the case to remove the XION words in the Silver Plate, and replace them with NEO
  • Mod the front corners of the case to have clear tubing with LEDs in the ends to send green light down the front of the case

I’m sure there are other things that I might think of doing…it’s a lot to do to one box, but it’s all mainly an experiment for the next time I have to go through and do all this stuff again on a new box in a couple years.

I’ll post some pics in the Pt. 2 entry of what things look like so far, as well as post an entry about the creation of the Molex Snake.

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