Update: Since I’ve been gone

I haven’t been gone, so much as I have been out of the personal-teck loop. Over the summer, I took a “forced vacation” when work let me go. I was fine with it – I didn’t like the job anyway. But during that time, my drive for doing personal teck went down as I spent most of my time working on tsnX.

I got a job as a PC Tech and IT Consultant at the end of June and have it still today. And it’s great. It’s not that I don’t do as much work, but more that the work comes so natural to me that most of it flies by without a hitch. I like having the spare time, and ability to use some of the stuff that I have learned at home to make money here.

I’ve been spending about the last month working on upgrading my computer, and will continue to do so until the middle of October. I’m buying a Intel Core 2 Duo at the end of September, and will rebuild the computer once again. But in the meantime, I’m sleeving and moding the wiring on my computer to work with the “UV Capable” setup that I have going in the case.

I’ve got 2 green cold cathodes and 4 green fans…one of which is green UV plastic itself. When that fan has its LEDs on, the UV is drown out. So I have had to split the wiring, and put a 120mm hole in the top of the case to mount a fan there, in order to effectively be able to stop the fan on the side – since the LEDs are dependent on the fan’s power. Now, I can switch between bright green fan lights or UV lights.

I’m also creating a molex array, which I am having to do some re-wiring on, and is getting a little more involved than I would like – soldering, and such. I considered blogging, but decided to wait until I make a second one for [wizard], so that I have the process down.

I’ll post pics of the case when I get it done later this week.

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