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How to set up ChromeADB on Windows

If you’re a fan of Chrome, and a Google Glass Explorer, you may find the ChromeADB Chrome WebStore App will alter the way you view your Google Glass, and see it more of an Android Device and less of a little magic piece of plastic. Here’s how to set up the ChromeADB software to view inside your Google Glass.

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How to Program a Human – Part 3: Communication

I was talking with my girlfriend who mentioned that in her Speech class they were discussing the forms of Communication and what exactly is taking place. Inflection, body language, verbal sounds – the whole adage “Communication is 10% what you say and 90% what you don’t say”. I view these two types of communication (verbal […]

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Microsoft and an OpenSource Operating System

I had started thinking about this today just before I started seeing articles hitting around the subject… Neo: do you think that if msft released a open source vista that people would edit it to make it more stable? or just try to put hacks in it and release it as a error fix wizard: […]