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A face-lift and an update

After nearly a year of silence, it is time for an update. Several major tech-related events have gone on in my life, and I’ll recap them all here.

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How to backup your bookmarks

UPDATE: According to the blog today, isn’t shutting down. Instead it appears that Yahoo! is sort of pushing it out of their products & services list. says it is going to continue to maintain the site, the data isn’t going anywhere, and there are no plans to shut down the website. From […]

Technology Updates

Quakecon 2009 – The event

Frankli of Well, this was easily one of the best Quakecons I’ve been to since I started going in 2004. ~day_dreamer~ of The Pre-registration line went smooth without any hitches as far as my small group was concerned…and they let us in early to put our things down. I got the spot I […]

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TweetSuite, TweetBacks, and WordPress plugin (Update)

Well, I sent off my plugin code to Dan Zarrella, and got the developers API Key approved, and got to approve the plugin, and have been running it on my blog since its original announcement – but have run into a possible issue… My webhost says it is creating a lot of “sleeper” […]

Programming Technology Updates

Integrating Google Connect

I’ve been part of the Google Connect beta since shortly after it came out – but it wasn’t until recently that I actually implemented it on my blog and the parent site, So, if you read this (and I know there has to be at least 4 other people in the world that do), […]