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How to backup your bookmarks

UPDATE: According to the blog today, isn’t shutting down. Instead it appears that Yahoo! is sort of pushing it out of their products & services list. says it is going to continue to maintain the site, the data isn’t going anywhere, and there are no plans to shut down the website. From […]

Security Technology

Please contact” – wtf?

I came into work today, and was met with some people telling me that our site had been blacklisted. It took a lot of runaround, and everyone denying involvement, but it sorta worked itself out. So what exactly happened?

Programming Thought Experiments

RTML Services for sale?

Well, I’ve added a WordPress plugin for e-commerce, but at the same time, I am also building two websites (one professionally, one as a hobby) using Yahoo Store’s RTML and Zen Cart, respectively. However, with the downturn in the economy (and my slightly-better-than-arbitrary prediction of a <7,000 point stock market by the end of the […]