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RTML Services for sale?

Well, I’ve added a WordPress plugin for e-commerce, but at the same time, I am also building two websites (one professionally, one as a hobby) using Yahoo Store’s RTML and Zen Cart, respectively.

However, with the downturn in the economy (and my slightly-better-than-arbitrary prediction of a <7,000 point stock market by the end of the month…Spring Break at the latest), I figure it’s time to start taking into consideration other possible sources of income. Not for fear of losing my job, but rather to help get my bills in check Credit Cards, primarily, who have decided it is time to raise the minimum payment – which is the only thing enabling me to devote a greater portion of my money to one in order to pay it off, while keeping the others at par until it is their turn.

I only bring it up here, because selling coding services on a site dedicated to funny t-shirts and custom graphics doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…not logically, and not for SEO. So this seems like the most likely place such a service would be offered.

Taking into account everything that’s been going on in the news for the last few months, I have been considering offering a side-job service during weekend, and possibly evening hours, for creating RTML solutions for yahoo stores that don’t have the “luxury” of hiring an IT person capable of deducing how the big-shots do what they do, in the limited environment that Yahoo provides/imposes.

So, with that in mind, would anyone be interested in such a service? Any takers? Feel free to inquire about what kinds of scripts I can write – as well as posing suggestions for something you might like to see done – and we’ll go from there.

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