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TweetSuite, TweetBacks, and WordPress plugin (Update)

Well, I sent off my plugin code to Dan Zarrella, and got the developers API Key approved, and got to approve the plugin, and have been running it on my blog since its original announcement – but have run into a possible issue…

My webhost says it is creating a lot of “sleeper” processes on the database server, and using up a lot of the processor resources. My account was even suspended until I fixed it.

SO – I am going to be rewriting the whole thing, pretty much from scratch now, and it will only be loosely based on Dan’s version…

Currently, the code will run through the database of posts, and find those that have shortened URLs stored for them, run a twitter search, and return/parse/store/display the resulting tweetbacks. And it does this every 5 minutes.

However, that sucks up a lot of processing power to do that, especially if you have a big blog, popular blog, or both. The Answer: A Rewrite. This one is going to run a single Twitter search for every shortened url in the database, return ALL the results once, and parse them out, store them in the database, and associate them to their respective parent posts.

So, there’s the update for why this hasn’t been released yet.

I’m also working on trying to get the retro-active TweetThis buttons working on old posts – but something isn’t working right – either it’s the original code that isn’t comparing what’s in the database to the conditional statement correctly (if this.url = “”, then make new ones), or something. It’s going to take some more testing on my own test database, since my webhost is getting antsy with all the processes I’m using.

I’ll keep everyone updated as it moves along. Thanks.

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2 replies on “TweetSuite, TweetBacks, and WordPress plugin (Update)”

Hi Neo,

I was just poking around your blog and found some interesting stuff. Subscribed.
In particular I found it because of TweetSuite, and I see you are working on cool updates on the plugin.
I was planning to refactor it myself as I haven’t seen much development by its author lately (I guess he’s being vey busy), but it seems like you’ve got a number of improvements done already.
What is the current status? Is there a version of yours of this plugin available for download already?
I am working on a new blog (for my presence online) and would like to have this working.
Many thanks in advance,

Hi Vito,
I was working on it back at the beginning of April, and did get it working, but ran into some trouble with how it kept connections open on the database. I imagine that they weren’t an issue before because the plugin didn’t actually work (after some particular update).

I haven’t done much on it since then, but mainly because I’ve been busy working on other things. I do plan to get this fixed up soon though. I’ll get back into it this week and post an update in a couple days.

Thanks for the subscription 🙂


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