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Quakecon 2009 – The event

Frankli of Well, this was easily one of the best Quakecons I’ve been to since I started going in 2004. ~day_dreamer~ of The Pre-registration line went smooth without any hitches as far as my small group was concerned…and they let us in early to put our things down. I got the spot I […]


Quakecon 2009 – PreReg Line

This year things went a lot smoother at the Quakecon Pre Registration Line. The volunteers came in Monday instead of Tuesday, and that got them pretty much completed with everything by Early Wednesday, instead of last-minute late Wednesday. I arrived around 6:00, and got a parking spot in the garage (unlike before, where there was […]

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Quakecon 2009 & Google Latitude

It’s that time again – time to pack up all your computer crap, go wait in line for 8 hours, just to put it down at a hotel and go home…then come back and stay up for 98 hours straight running on nothing but BAWLS and pure adrenaline. That’s right – it’s time for Quakecon […]