Quakecon 2009 – PreReg Line

This year things went a lot smoother at the Quakecon Pre Registration Line.

The volunteers came in Monday instead of Tuesday, and that got them pretty much completed with everything by Early Wednesday, instead of last-minute late Wednesday.

I arrived around 6:00, and got a parking spot in the garage (unlike before, where there was a 20 minute adventure through the resort), and waited in line until 9:00 when they announced they were going to start letting us in.

@Frankli and @day_dreamer89 met up with me around 8:00, and the folks from #bloodshotgamer got there around 9:30 or so…as well as the rest of the folks from

Things went smooth – no rearranging of the lines, no yelling by the Line Nazis (they were quite pleasant people this time). We hit a bag check, pre-reg, and another bag check as we went into the byoc area – all without a hitch, and without long lines doing so.

The other thing I liked about this year was that they didn’t make us wait in the halls like the last time we were at the Gaylord – we had a convention room, and enough room in the lines to get comfortable, and not have to move.

I think this year was the most enjoyable 8-hour waiting experience I’ve had at Quakecon yet. Thanks guys. I’ll have pictures on flickr when this is all over.

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