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Thought Experiments

Ideas and Thought-related blog posts for things that could be done with technology – or can’t, but should be.

Concept: DropBox API Integration, Webhost Sync

December 27, 2010 |

I enjoy trying to find solutions to things that are difficult to accomplish, whether that is researching existing technologies to try and mash them together, or developing new ones to solve a problem. It’s rare that I have to create … Read More

How to Program a Human – Part 3: Communication

June 9, 2010 |

I was talking with my girlfriend who mentioned that in her Speech class they were discussing the forms of Communication and what exactly is taking place. Inflection, body language, verbal sounds – the whole adage “Communication is 10% what you … Read More

How to Program a Human – Part 2: Emotions

June 9, 2010 |

Have you ever considered why it is people have emotions? What are emotions really comprised of? What triggers them, what determines their intensity? What causes the same stimuli to be interpreted in two different ways, by two different observers?

I’ve put some thought into this during a discussion about the creation of an emotions chip and how one would go about programming emotional responses into a computer or robot.

Consider this hypothetical humanoid example:

John and Matt are friends – they’ve been friends since they were little kids. They like to rough-house, have insult contests to see who can come up with the most insulting quip, and have generally different preferences in women.

While running down the city sidewalk, John takes a physical jab at Matt, Matt reacts with a friendly reciprocal jab. During the horseplay, a bystander gets run into, and also jabbed. The bystander yells out some profanity and insults, and fumes about it the rest of the day.

Read More

How to Program a Human – Part 1: What makes us human?

June 8, 2010 |

Earlier this month, I had read that a scientist, J. Craig Venter, created the first synthetic life form. While he didn’t create the entire bacterium from nothing, he did create the DNA from chemicals and a computer program to assemble … Read More

TweetSuite WordPress Plugin + (Preview)

March 21, 2009 | | 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago, I found out that Twitter had a Search feature that showed real-time tweets for a keyword. I gave it a little thought, considered what it would take to actually write the software – and then wised up, and decided to see if someone already did the hard work.

Sure enough, Dan Zarrella over at had. He wrote one for Tweetbacks, and then expanded on it with TweetSuite. So I gave them a shot.

I started with Tweetbacks on the Blog and everything seemed to be working fine – until one day when the Tweetbacks stopped. It just stopped finding them – even though I knew they were getting tweeted – because I was using to syndicate my blog posts to the appropriate social networks.

I gave it a couple weeks, and then decided I was going to fix it. I was tired of not having my TweetBacks working – especially during my efforts pushing a Social Networking campaign at job.

So, I added @danzarrella, and asked…

@danzarrella do you have plans to integrate posting in TweetSuite? If not, mind if I take a crack at it?
from @neotsn at  from web

A few minutes later, I got a response…

@neotsn go to town
from @danzarrella at