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My favorite Google Chrome OS extensions

After 2 months of Chrome OS daily use, I’ve compiled a list of plugins a web developer & casual social network engineer should use.

Cloud Computing Living in the Cloud Programming Technology

Living in the Cloud: Code Editing

TextDrop is a text-editing, cloud-based web-application that allows you to create, modify, and save text-based files back to Dropbox.

Cloud Computing Living in the Cloud

Cloud File Synchronization

While the rest of my work requires access to files on a server, when I’m mobile, everything must be in sync with the cloud. Here’s my setup.

Cloud Computing Technology Thought Experiments

Concept: DropBox API Integration, Webhost Sync

I enjoy trying to find solutions to things that are difficult to accomplish, whether that is researching existing technologies to try and mash them together, or developing new ones to solve a problem. It’s rare that I have to create completely new things, so more often than not, all the pieces to solve the problem […]