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TweetSuite, TweetBacks, and WordPress plugin (Update)

April 1, 2009 | | 2 Comments

Well, I sent off my plugin code to Dan Zarrella, and got the developers API Key approved, and got to approve the plugin, and have been running it on my blog since its original announcement – but have run into a possible issue…

My webhost says it is creating a lot of “sleeper” processes on the database server, and using up a lot of the processor resources. My account was even suspended until I fixed it.

SO – I am going to be rewriting the whole thing, pretty much from scratch now, and it will only be loosely based on Dan’s version… Read More

“We’re number 1!!”

May 16, 2006 |

Ok, so while coding the tsnX forums for, there were several instances in which the mods didn’t work because everyone’s mods assume (usually) that they are going to be the only mod installed in the forums. And while this is the ideology that saves time when writing a modification, it is not a “best practice” in programming. So to help with some of that frustration as to why your mod won’t work, I’m going to do my best to post some of the code changes that will need to be made in order to make some of these things interact with each other. Read More