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Project: [[Oracle]].Server

This past weekend, [wizard] and I spent most of our time in the evening (and into the very early morning) working on my network (which has been dubbed tsnlocal). We started the tsnlocal project in beta the weekend before to solve a problem with file sharing on the network. There was a sub-network in the […]

Thought Experiments

Microsoft and an OpenSource Operating System

I had started thinking about this today just before I started seeing articles hitting around the subject… Neo: do you think that if msft released a open source vista that people would edit it to make it more stable? or just try to put hacks in it and release it as a error fix wizard: […]

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[[Oracle]] and [m3rlin]

So my friend [wizard] and I (as I go by [[Neo]] in IRC chat rooms) are working on our own personalized bots for IRC Chat rooms. These bots are simple IRC scripts for now, with remote functions and commands, but we’re working our way up to A.I. Bots for this summer. The plan for [[Oracle]] […]