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Astaro SG “Joining domain failed”

I just spent the last 2 business days working on trying to get my Astaro SG 120 v7.507 to re-join the domain, after I deleted the “computer” entry from our Windows 2003 SBS AD. After deleting the computer entry, I rebooted the Astaro box and attempted to join it to the domain (with the same […]

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User cannot connect to Exchange or OWA

Today I had a user tell me that when he rebooted his computer (Vista Business SP2 x32), he could no longer connect to our Exchange 2003 server with Outlook 2007. It prompted him with the “Retry | Work Offline | Cancel” dialog. Clicking “Retry” did nothing, clicking “Work Offline” threw an error: “The connection to […]

Technology Thought Experiments

POC: OpenVPN + Internet + MS Exchange Active Directory + Windows/Linux Mobile Client

I have this idea, ok? What I noticed while migrating some of the users from the Admissions Department at the University for which I work, was that it was tough to explain to them sufficiently that: Their passwords are going to have to change at some point, due to security policy. When they change it […]