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[[Oracle]] and

I’ve spent the last two weeks working on getting [[Oracle]] into the role she was designed to play…but have found it to be a bit more involved than I realized. Originally, I set up the server to be a web server with php and sql capabilities. Then I realized I needed to FTP files to […]

Servers Technology The-Spot.Network Updates [[Oracle]]

Back into the swing…

I am just now starting to get back into the swing of things for tsn. After working on some graphics for, and creating background for the [[Oracle]] server and my computer, I’ve begun work on the next theme for tsnX: tsnX-dark. This one is a bit tricky because there is a combination of dark […]


Update: Since I’ve been gone

I haven’t been gone, so much as I have been out of the personal-teck loop. Over the summer, I took a “forced vacation” when work let me go. I was fine with it – I didn’t like the job anyway. But during that time, my drive for doing personal teck went down as I spent […]

Technology Updates

Info: tsnV.frappr Map

I added the tsnV frappr map inset on to, check it out on the side bar. If you’re not on there, add yourself to it. I might put this on a page in tsnX – it all depends on how I end up making the MySpot page look, and if there will be time […]