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The online community of high-school through college-aged people, discussing anything and everything in a clean forum environment.

Update: New RSS Code in the works.

May 28, 2007 |

Earlier I posted on the RSS Code that I’m working on. I’ve done quite a bit of work on it so far – learning about the various functions that PHP offers. Most of what I thought I was learning while … Read More

New RSS Code in the works

May 17, 2007 | | 2 Comments

After spending some time thinking about different ways to re-enable the RSS feature for, I’ve finally hit on an idea that I’ve started writing the code for.

The original code would hit the main database to grab the newest posts on the forums…after it sorted all 77000 posts by date, and then grabbed the top 15-20 of them and their data. Since the entire site runs off of that one database, you can imagine how that would slow down everything when even just 10 people hit the site every 15 minutes.

So I am going to attempt my first distributed database scenario. Read More

A few enhancements worth mentioning

January 23, 2007 | | One Comment

I’ve come to the point where I have nothing else to do with my time, but sit here and work on long-standing projects. So with that time, I have done a little bit of tweaking on I’ve fixed a … Read More

[[Link]] & [[Trinity]], MySpot

December 12, 2006 |

Updates are hard to come by these days – especially when in order to have an update, you have to build a new computer, learn a new operating system, and install/learn/configure a new software service.

I’ll start with [[Trinity]]. When … Read More

[[Oracle]] and

September 21, 2006 |

I’ve spent the last two weeks working on getting [[Oracle]] into the role she was designed to play…but have found it to be a bit more involved than I realized.

Originally, I set up the server to be a web … Read More