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I upgraded [[Oracle]] this weekend to have a 500gb hard drive in it. I got the drive, a Seagate SATA II 500gb drive for $107 at Frys. The sale ends today, 10/2, so I decided not to pass it up. Now I store all my music on that drive, and am using the 450gb RAID of 120s to store my movies that I haven’t, or can’t, burn to DVDs. That frees up a drive I can dedicate to just Game ISOs and get it off my Downloads drive that I store OS installations, and other software installation files that I don’t want to go find.

Things are going smoother on [[Oracle]] now, but they’re not so smooth with my network itself. On the inside of the network things are working fine, but the public IP is the problem. It ends in a 0 and I believe that’s keeping me from accessing the web server. I think it’s seeing the 0 and thinking that my IP is invalid or a non-existing IP address, so it drops the request. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t know what else it could be.

I have tried to unplug the modem to let the lease expire, and waited an extra 6 hours for it to grab a new one, but I ended up with the same IP. I may have to try that tactic during the day time when people are more likely to be plugging in a new modem to their network.

Right now I’m running an nmap -sP command over the IP range from my public gateway through the 255 of my ip address, to see what ips are down or available so I can try to manually assign myself an address. Charter is not being very helpful with changing my IP address, so I’m going to help myself.

This week, I feel different about the world, and stuff…like I’m ready to take it on and punch it in the face with my teck skills.

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As I was typing this, apparently you can’t include linux commands in your body text, because the server reads them and tries to execute them. I tried the n map command and had to put some bold open/close tags in the middle of the word for it to post.

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