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Instructional posts designed to take the complexity of a system setup down to where anyone can follow it step-by-step

How to sync your program’s plugins using Live Mesh

March 14, 2009 |

I’m sure you’ve been at work, thinking “Crap, I don’t want to go home and do this, because I don’t have the software there.” Or maybe you do have the software, but you don’t have some certain set of plugins (i.e. Photoshop Brushes for a graphic designer), and you need a way to get those things synchronized in both places at once. ***As such, this experiment implies that I will NOT be using this program in two locations simultaneously.*** (That’s not to say that it can’t be done – but it is to say that it will require more human intervention to resolve the file version conflicts than I wish to do.)

Well, I have an answer – and this example will use the Digsby Instant Messenger client. (I’ll get technical after the story below.) Here’s a little background… Read More

How To: Setup a UT3 Internet Server

January 13, 2008 | | 42 Comments

Update 2: It has come to my attention, while trying to play UT3 myself after many years, that the GameSpy aspects of the game no longer function due to the incompetence of IGN and the concept of DRM’d games. There’s a pretty good chance that nothing about setting up a UT3 Server, other than for LAN play, will work anymore since the GameSpy servers have been taken offline. This means no logging into the GameSpy account for you or your server, so no online authentication, leaving only offline play.

Update 1: I have updated the links that were broken, and some formatting & informational changes.

Surprisingly there are no complete blog postings or forum topics that tell you how to set up a UT3 Internet Server from start to finish…so here we go (this guide will primarily focus on a Windows install, but I will include as much info as I can for Linux):

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