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Update: tsnX – tsn domain issues, profile cp, [[Oracle]]

There have been problems lately with the dns server or something, according to my server people. I thought they had it fixed, but apparently it’s broke again. I’ll see what’s up with that if it’s not fixed soon.

Also, I managed to fail my quiz (which wasn’t for a grade) yesterday and didn’t manage to get anything done with the profile cp (which I WILL work on today)…but I did manage to get a gf, apparently. 😉

So I’ll be announcing the Melissa soon on The Black Journal, and also on tsn when it goes back up.

I’m also going to be starting up [[Oracle]] today to prepare for indexing. So if you’re on tsnlocal, and you want your files indexed the you should sign on. but also if you DON’T want your files indexed, or you don’t want a particular share indexed, then you need to let me know. It only scans the files that you’re sharing so people can search instead of sift through the shares.

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That’s what I’m working on. Once I get a decent search index going (which [[Oracle]] has given me problems indexing – as in doesn’t do it when it’s supposed to), I’ll set up a web server on the [[Server]] computer, tie it into the Google Desktop index that [[Oracle]].1 and [[Oracle]].2 are creating, and set up the default.html page to be the Index Status page for Google Desktop.

For those that don’t understand what I’m talking about, I’ll build this in a week or two, as a proof-of-concept. And it should enable third-parties to access, and proceed to search our available online shares, and even download the file by clicking the link…but their download will not be successful if they are not part of the tsnlocal network.

But right now, Me and KD are the only ones that are even on the network.

And I’ll be honest, Microsoft is not the best at desktop search. Google’s is much faster, and more accurate in my experience, and I can see the information I want easier, as well as access it in the method that I prefer (via bookmark in my browser)…and I can control the files and directories that it searches.

I’m sure that MSFT has all those options in their desktop search, but my preference lies in Google.

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