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Update: tsnX – Sub-forums @ 100% complete

Ok, I thought I Was going to have a bit of a problem there for most of the night. I couldn’t get the actual forums to show up properly on the page when I thought I had finished everything up. I actually did things right, but I uploaded some files that over-wrote other files that made things work.

But I’m happy to say that the sub-forums work, and there are a BUNCH of new features in that one mod alone…more than I thought – apparently they have been doing some work on it. I can now, MUCH MORE EASILY change the sub-forum theme, which will be great for all the other forums that I have for the sister-sites of tsn.

Also there are per-person options too, to choose for the various forums, and how you want yours displayed – one in particular is how you want your forums to be packed….do you want them all on one page, or do you want them all moderately packed like tsnV, or do you want them totally compressed to 3 categories: information, forums, other sites. I think folks will like this new customizeability of tsnX – that’s what it’s all about anyway.

Tomorrow, I work on Profile Control Panel, as well as go to class, take a quiz, prepare for a mid-term, finish my taxes, and hang out with Mel, a new girl…not The New Girl, because that wasn’t meant to be. Busy day tomorrow…busy weekend ahead…and busy month in general. x_x

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