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Update: tsnX – Photobook @ 100%, tsnX Game Plan

I got the Photobook up today during lunch, and everything seems to be in working order. There are some things left for it that I would like to fix, like the Personal Photo Gallery in the profile. The code inserts that link into the old-style profile, but I can’t seem to find where the new profile template is for that part of the page. It’s probably hidden in the php code, and not in the page template like it normally is. I’ll look into it some more this weekend, or when I re-design the template.

The next updates that I’ll be doing are the Calendar update. I’m also going to include a mini-calendar on the My Spot page this time, so that upcoming events will be more noticeable.

After that will be a Moderator Control panel, in which they will have some more control over things like Usernames, Smilies, managing user accounts, etc…and have a link like the Admin do for the Admin Panel. This will help disperse some of the work that the admins have to do around the site…since for the most part people know what is allowed on the forums, and don’t need much moderating.

Then a FAQ Manager – where the admins can easily update the FAQs for the n00bies that like to ask questions about what’s going on…we can get the “unwritten” rules down in one place, and keep it easily updated for new guidelines.

And then I’ll work on the Template Switcher, a dropdown menu that will let you change templates easily between tsnX and the original theme – and any other templates that we might design. For a while now, I’ve wanted to bring back the tsnI template, but there is so much of that which is just the basic forum, it’d be really hard to update. I’ll look into it though eventually.

After these, there are just a ton of little mods that will enhance the user experience…spell check, other IM support, skype, gmail/gtalk, profile tidbits, posting enhancements, and a ton of other stuff.

Once those are all in place, I begin work on creating the tsnX design – which will be the most exciting part of it all. After that, I create the My Spot page, and we’re done.

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I am a web programmer, system integrator, and photographer. I have been writing code since high school, when I had only a TI-83 calculator. I enjoy getting different systems to talk to each other, coming up with ways to mimic human processes using technology, and explaining how complicated things work.

Of my many blogs, this one is purely about the technology projects, ideas, and solutions that I have come across in my internet travels. It's also the place for technical updates related to my other sites that are part of The-Spot.Network.

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