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Info: Google hosted “tMail” at tsn, & email

I got the beta invite from Google to try hosted gmail accounts, on So I tried it, and set everything up, named it tMail, and then realized that I lost all functionality that I had with forwarders, and such, and that I would have to re-create the 5-6 email accounts that I use for, as well as the other people who have email accounts hosted here. But I also only get 25 accounts that I can create for free.

So while I enjoy Gmail and Google, and the ability to customize the appearance of tMail, I have switched back to the tsn server, and reapplied for the beta for the domain name.

I do have hosted email for through hotmail, with 2gb of space, and 40 (38 now, since wizard and I have one) email invites. I will start offering those out to the first 35 non-tsn-people that sign up for who want one. I’ll also start offering tsn email accounts to people who want one of those as well. There is no set date for that offer though. It will probably be after tsnX is released, and I can get some kind of web-based email solution going.

There will be more to come on this later.

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