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Update: tsnX – Site is useable again!

June 16, 2006 |

For those just stopping by, is now useable like it was in the past. There are still some updates to the database and site code that I am working on, but everything works as it should for the regular … Read More

Update: tsnX – Database Converted, bugs persist

June 11, 2006 |

I finished uploading the database for the site, and all the posts are there, plus some others from the beta site. There are some issues with logging in right now, and issues with the topics not showing the last poster. … Read More

Update: tsnX Database Movement

June 9, 2006 |

I’m backing up the tsnX.3 Beta’s Database (with the posts, forums, and accounts) and going to start moving the tsnV database into the tsnX site. The site is going to be down for a bit, while I do this, and … Read More

Update: tsnX Database Conversion @ 50%

June 6, 2006 |

Ok, so I’m converting the tsnV database into one that will work with the tsnX database structure. What this will do is bring our posts, user accounts, and forums over from the old site and make it work with the … Read More

Update: tsnX.3 @ 54%

May 26, 2006 |

It’s been a slow, and distracting week for me. I haven’t accomplished near as much as I thought I would with the site. But I have accomplished some things.

There are about 21 more mods to install, and I Figure … Read More