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AT&T Begins Service to Text Users in Certain Locations

According to the New York Times, AT&T is going to launch a text-message service to send SMS messages to customers in certain locations. Um, hell no! It’s called “ShopAlerts” and is designed to allow “brand-partners” (i.e. HP, Kmart, JetBlue, S.C. Johnson, etc.) to send advertisements and coupons to customers who happen to be in range of […]

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HP 4240n 49.ff09 Service Error

Today we experienced a new-to-me error code on our HP 4240n LaserJet printer that read “49.ff09 Service Error”. After much searching on the internet, I found a couple different sites talking about the 49.xxxx Service Errors and what others had done in their troubleshooting efforts. Most of the links I came across mentioned something about […]