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Posts that have to do with programming and code samples.

New Version of tsn, under-way

December 26, 2007 |

Yes, you heard it right, there is a new version of being put up as you read this.

The folks over at have released version 3.0.0 of their forum software, and it has all the functions and features … Read More

Update: New RSS Code in the works.

May 28, 2007 |

Earlier I posted on the RSS Code that I’m working on. I’ve done quite a bit of work on it so far – learning about the various functions that PHP offers. Most of what I thought I was learning while … Read More

ShoZu and Picasa Web Albums

April 7, 2007 | | 2 Comments

So, I downloaded ShoZu for my cell phone to upload pics to the intarwebs…and I’m not excited about it. I put it on the phone to upload pics to Picasa Web Albums, and I think that works fine…but it’s the … Read More

[[Oracle]] and

September 21, 2006 |

I’ve spent the last two weeks working on getting [[Oracle]] into the role she was designed to play…but have found it to be a bit more involved than I realized.

Originally, I set up the server to be a web … Read More

“We’re number 1!!”

May 16, 2006 |

Ok, so while coding the tsnX forums for, there were several instances in which the mods didn’t work because everyone’s mods assume (usually) that they are going to be the only mod installed in the forums. And while this is the ideology that saves time when writing a modification, it is not a “best practice” in programming. So to help with some of that frustration as to why your mod won’t work, I’m going to do my best to post some of the code changes that will need to be made in order to make some of these things interact with each other. Read More