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Welcome to tsn.7!

Welcome to the next version of tsn.7

There are a few things you should note before getting started – like, the fact that I put this up within 3 hours, and can only test the logins that I have…which worked.

    When you try to log in, use your same username and password that you used on tsnX
    There is no Photobook, Calendar, or My Spot page right now.
    There are 2 themes available, and neither of them are like the old tsnX themes – the site right now is simply a forum, but this time, EVERYTHING works (as in features and stuff)

Now, if you find something that doesn’t work properly, let me know – post a message on the site, and if you can’t post it on the site, then send me an IM or something.

By [[Neo]]

I am a web programmer, system integrator, and photographer. I have been writing code since high school, when I had only a TI-83 calculator. I enjoy getting different systems to talk to each other, coming up with ways to mimic human processes using technology, and explaining how complicated things work.

Of my many blogs, this one is purely about the technology projects, ideas, and solutions that I have come across in my internet travels. It's also the place for technical updates related to my other sites that are part of The-Spot.Network.

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