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Google Apps + Mobile Internets = Productivity II

In my last post, I mentioned that I was looking for a way to sync my Google Calendar to my Windows Mobile 5 phone – the Cingular 8125. Well, I found one. I actually found two things actually.

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Google Apps + Mozilla Apps + Interw3bs = Productivity

I was on the Office 12/2007 beta testing team, and got to use their product. And I admit that I became a fan of the new office layout and features. I’d recommend them over the previous Office versions, as long as there is the availability for some time due to the learning curve. It took […]

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ShoZu and Picasa Web Albums

So, I downloaded ShoZu for my cell phone to upload pics to the intarwebs…and I’m not excited about it. I put it on the phone to upload pics to Picasa Web Albums, and I think that works fine…but it’s the crap that it tacks on to the end of the description to put its spam […]