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The EverCoupon: The last coupon you’ll ever need

The EverCoupon: The last coupon you’ll ever need
  • On April 13, 2011

Today on Facebook, I saw one of my friends mention…

“I want to be an extreme coupon-er…”

My first thought: I don’t want to be behind you in line. My second thought: How do I solve this problem?

The Proposed Solution

The solution I’ve come up with is a smartphone app that lets you photograph coupons. It scans the photos, and credits them to your online account as available discounts, and automatically removes them when they expire.  Of course, you’d also be able to share the coupons with your friends as well. You then take your phone with you to the store, and pull up the app. It displays a scanable barcode for the clerk. When scanned, the store’s system contacts the cloud-based coupon-holding server, deducts the coupon values from your total, and they are then removed from your account.

No more waiting behind that one person who brought 30 coupons to the store. No more keeping up with which coupons are still valid/newly expired. Just a smooth shopping experience for everyone in line.


  1. genius. hope you make this happen, sir. truly a great idea!

    • I’ve already signed up to become an Apple Developer. I now just need to get the SDK and stuff installed on my gf’s Mac, or get OSX installed on my cr-48.

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