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Introducing: Living in the Cloud (The Series)


Monday, I got an unexpected surprise on my doorstep: a Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Netbook (youtube video). From the video, you can see that it’s nothing more than a Chrome Browser with a keyboard and Wifi/3G internet access.

After spending a day getting it set up and testing the battery life with some moderate usage throughout the day, I’m going to start writing some blog posts related to what it takes to cut the cords and transition the daily routine of a programmer into the cloud.

Generally, netbooks aren’t for people who use a computer for things as computer-intensive as programing or graphic design, and are really optimized for journalists, bloggers, and people who like to waste time on social networking sites. In this blog series, I’m going to describe the software needed (or created in some cases) to turn a netbook into a productive tool for people who generally need software on a daily basis.

I’ll also describe what it’s like to use Google’s Chrome OS: the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be more videos about the device, the hardware itself (which is sure to change), and the software apps needed to make the transition.

By [[Neo]]

I am a web programmer, system integrator, and photographer. I have been writing code since high school, when I had only a TI-83 calculator. I enjoy getting different systems to talk to each other, coming up with ways to mimic human processes using technology, and explaining how complicated things work.

Of my many blogs, this one is purely about the technology projects, ideas, and solutions that I have come across in my internet travels. It's also the place for technical updates related to my other sites that are part of The-Spot.Network.

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