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Gardening on the cheap

So, you’ve thought about doing some gardening, but you don’t want to invest the money into doing it. How about if you could do it for less than $2, if not free, using only things you already have at home? Let’s get started:

Step 1
Step 1: First, let’s get an egg carton. It’s better to use a styrofoam one because of the watering you’re going to have to do – to use a paper-byproduct would not be very effective.

Step 2
Step 2: Next, we’ll cut the top off the carton, as well as the tabbed flap that would normally secure the carton closed. Keep the top and bottom portions of the carton – discard the flap.

Step 3
Step 3: Then, take a thumb tack or some other small pointy device and poke 4 holes in the bottom of each cup, as above.

Step 4
Step 4: Now, we go outside and fill each cup with about an ice cream scoop’s worth of dirt. It’s recommended that if you’re planting seeds, you should use a “seedling starter” configuration of potting soil. But technically dirt is dirt – you can use anything. The starter potting soil just contains special chemicals.

Step 5
Step 5: Place the dirt-filled egg-carton bottom inside what was the lid, as shown, to create the water drip tray.

Step 6
Step 6: Find the seeds that you want to plant. Find out how they need to be planted, which is usually on the package or on the internet. In my case, I am growing vines to be planted by my front patio to provide shade and cover.

Step 7
Step 7: Plant the seeds according to instructions. My vines needed to be barely pushed edgewise into the dirt, with a small bit showing.

Step 8
Step 8: Now you can water your seedlings according to the instructions. My vines require damp soil.

Step 9
Step 9: Don’t forget about the plants! Put them somewhere that you’ll see them every day to check on their progress and make sure they have enough water. When they’re big enough, according to the instructions, plant them outside.

Let me know how your project goes!

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